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Rare Nectar of Islay Indeed

Laphroaig is Gaelic for "beautiful hollow by the broad bay"

For you serious whisky drinkers Laphroaig needs no introduction. Laphroaig, nestled on the tiny island of Islay off the southwest coast of Scotland is likely the most famous of the full flavoured whiskys.

One of the most remarkable characteristics about Laphroaig's whiskys is how they have been able to capture the delicacy of the spring water. Islay is most noted for the slight sea salt tang, but the streams and creeks on Islay have their own perfrume of heather, which in my opinion this is one of the defining characteristics that I look for in any whisky from Islay and is present in all the expressions of Laphroaig.

The 25 year is made by combining whisky that has been ageing a minimum of 25 years in Bourbon barrels (50%) and whisky that has been ageing for a minimum of 25 years in 2nd fill Oloroso Cream Sherry barrels. 

When the whisky itself is crafted, the malt is heavily peated or roasted over smoking peat to give it another signature element of Laphroaig.

The result is an aroma and flavour profile unique to Laphroaig and unique to the 25 year. 

You are first greeted with the aromas of sweet sherry tempered with a gentle touch of smoky, earthy-ness. Its in the mid-palate that you will sense the smooth edges that only come from bourbon barrels. The finish is where this whisky lives. Flavours of spiced apples and pears encircled by some hearty smoke and sea salt and lastly a kiss of the Islay heather.

As you can imagine there are very few bottles of this around. Less than 20 on Vancouver Island with 6 at Liquor Plus (arriving Tuesday Feb. 12, 2013) 


Gold Medal "Best in Class" at the 2010 International Spirits Competition

Whisky Advocate: 95 Points

Jim Murray's Whisky Bible: 96.5 Points

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