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So You Think You Can Dance...

Barbera is one of the food world's great treasures. High in flavour and natural acidity, but low in tannin (the part of the wine that creates the pucker effect). This means that Barbera is very versatile and a delightful sipping wine.

This wine is wonderfully delicate and will appeal to those looking for more nuances in their flavours than just muscle. This wine is like a male dancer- amazing strength but uses it in such a beautiful and delicate manner.

Brillinat ruby red with violet tones in the glass. Intense aromas of ripe plums, dried black fruits and even an earthy hint of leather.

This a medium to full bodied wine that finishes round on the palate and begs you to have another glass.

PAIR WITH Savoury foods, roasted or grilled red meats, burgers, pizza, meat pastas and firm strong cheeses.

DRINK DIFFERENTLY If you like Pinot Noir or enjoy matching the right wine with food, then give the Ca' Montebello Barbera a shot as it is a food lovers wine.


Available At
Saanich Centre
Royal Oak
Cobble Hill
Mattick's Farm

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