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We all know that Corona is a huge brand and it may well be your favourite, but we want to test that. As you know this program seeks out items that are alternatives to market leaders. After all, our experience has been that often there is better value delivered by the alternative than the market leader, and often at the same or better price.

A few years back we worked with Dos Equis to bring in the 12 packs. The result is that we can retail Dos Equis Lager 12 packs at $2 less than Corona every day of the year.

The other thing I really like about Dos Equis over Corona is the glass. This is a quality threat issue and not a quality issue. Light and temperature are a threat to any beer. The Dos Equis green glass provides some extra quality security.

Then there is flavour. The Dos Equis is a little more full flavoured than the Corona but still in line with the body and flavour expected from Mexican brewing.

Lastly is a vanity thing. Most people will show up with Corona and be happy to sport it about, however the rebellious few who are willing to stand outside the box and be proud of it Drink Differently and drink Dos Equis 12 Bottles.

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Saanich Centre
Royal Oak
Cobble Hill

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