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This wine is loved so much by our Courtenay store manager, Cari, that we decided to bring it in to other stores as well.

Campogrande is the Marchesi di Antinori's favourite patio wine for lighter fare cuisine. Here is a guy that could buy the finish champagne, the most expensive Riesling, Montrachet's or New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, but his choice is a classic, unpretentious, delicious, refreshing, mouth watering Orvieto from Tuscany.

Hints of citrus and minerality mingle with pear and melon flavours. It is a light fresh dance of angels on the palate... I know a little over the top, but I love it! Molto Bene.

PAIR WITH: lighter fare, goat cheeses, salads, fresh fruit, grilled poultry with citrus, grilled pork with applesauce, light olive oil pastas.

Manager's Pick: Cari- Courtenay Liquor Plus

Available At
Saanich Centre
Royal Oak
Cobble Hill
Mattick's Farm

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