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BEST SELLER: In the Top 10 of Red Wine Popularity for last 12 months.

A little story about Terra Andina that proves there is value in experience.

In a previous life I was an importer of wine, beer and spirits into BC. One of the wineries that we worked with was Terra Andina and it's sister winery in Argentina, Dona Paula.

The winery is state of the art and is owned by one of the major land barons and former President of Chile Ricardo Claro. As I learned on my tours of Chile the best vineyard sites are owned by the biggest landowners and Terra Andina was no exception. GPS, soil analysis and countless experts all point to these vineyards as some of the best for Carmenere and Syrah in all of Chile. Armed with that knowledge and having lovingly tasted through the wines we came back to BC and started selling the wines at $16.99. 

Sales were great, to the point where we could not get enough stock in. I had moved on and periodically checked in on Terra Andina to see where they were at. The wines left the market for a little bit as there was a problem created in the UK market. I'm not sure what the issue was but it resulted in a re-launch of the wines at the current price. My guess is that initially they dropped the price to 9.99 to sell excess volume, but found out that they were more profitable at 9.99 than they ever were at 16.99, and so the price has stayed.

 Believe me there is not another $9.99 wine, nor another Chilean wine under $12 , nor another blended red from South America under $12 that delivers the kind of value that this wine drives. Buy lots... you will be happy you did and you tell this story and you will look cool at parties.

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Cobble Hill
Mattick's Farm

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