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Zinfandel is to California what Malbec is to Argentina or Shiraz is to Australia; it is California's definitive grape.

If you have ever seen the movie Bottle Shock (Alan Rickman, Chris Pine) you will notice there is a down to earth vibe that all the California winemakers and wineries have. I have been to the wine regions of California many times and spoken with hundreds of winemakers and cellar rats and each of them (not so much the marketing guys) are pretty straight forward and down to earth.

To me this wine has this vibe. As the California winemakers are just farmers at heart, this wine is just juicy and jammy at heart, and that is what Zinfandel is.

The aromas feature black & blue berry jam with big dollop of fresh raspberries and cream on top. The palate is a straightforward fruit bomb with lingering elements of dried coconut and cinnamon spice on the finish.

If you like big juicy wines or are in the mood for a 'comfort' wine, this is it.

PAIR WITH Baked or Glazed Hams, Turkey, Pork Tenderloin, Burgers with cheese, bacon and lots of BBQ sauce.

Available At
Saanich Centre
Royal Oak
Cobble Hill
Mattick's Farm

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