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Did you know that Alberta Premium is the only Canadian Whisky made from 100% Rye? I didn't until I was at a tasting with Jim Murray of the Whisky Bible fame. He pointed out, quite rightly, that the only holding back Alberta Premium from being reverred as the best Canadian Whisky are Canadians themselves. Here is what he wrote in the 2012 Whisky Bible:

"...throbbing pulsing rye on a variety of levels: full and juicy, dull and dusty, firm and flinty. Unique and unmistakeable...it is a true rye whisky, not a misnomer like the rest. the 100% rye grain used, fortified in its mouth-watering delivery by the usage of a degree of malted rye, offers flavours unlimited. Alberta Premium is no longer just a great Canadian Whisky. It has become a National treasure." SCORE 95.5 pages 314-315

Here is a link to the LP Radio episode dedicated to Alberta Premium: http://blog.liquorplus.ca/?p=1782

Available At
Saanich Centre
Royal Oak
Cobble Hill
Mattick's Farm

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