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Years ago when I was a kid we would spend a couple of weeks on Shushwap Lake. My Dad would buy a dozen stubbies from the local brewery called the Columbia Brewing Co. The beer was called Kokanee. I remember one summer he said he would stop drinking beer if the price went over ‘A Buck A Beer.’ 

A few years ago the government increased the floor price on spirits. This spurred on a number of conversations but one in particular resulted in JUST OVER A BUCK A BEER.

We mused about if it was still possible to put a quality product on the shelf for a ‘Buck A Beer’ under the current liquor taxation system in B.C.?

As it turns out 7 craft brewers in the province could still do it so I set upon tasting through their offerings to select a beer that we would put in our ‘Buck A Beer’ package.

Each beer was made with fresh ingredients and crafted not as a bulk product, rather as a craft beer.
The next challenge was to find a brewer who would be able to consistently manage the quantity we expect.

One brewer, Kamloops Brewing, was able to produce a high quality, unpasteurized, lager at the volumes we are forecasting.

Buck A Beer was born and all we had left to do was design the carton and stickhandle the beer through the significant red tape as presented by the BCLDB.

After much negotiating, tweaking of the package, and due to the taxation and pricing regulations in B.C. ‘Buck A Beer’ became ‘Just Over A Buck A Beer’.

As of October 2010 Just Over A Buck A Beer is 10 months old and has sold over 37,000 units (that’s 888,000 individual beer), which is double that of Budweiser, Kokanee and Canadian combined.

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